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Episode 3: Tinkering and Equity


Tinkering and Equity

The final episode of the Tinkering Together Podcast focuses on equity in learning and how this pedagogy can be transformative for children and adults.
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Welcome to the third episode of Tinkering Together, a podcast miniseries from the Exploratorium's Tinkering Studio in San Francisco, California.

I'm your host Anya Kamenetz, a journalist and author who's very curious about how children learn.And in this episode, we're going to take on some kind of surprising themes. Equity, justice, empowerment. What can tinkering as a pedagogy do for the world at large? What kinds of relationships might it encourage within the classroom? How can they generalize beyond the classroom, and how tinkering might encourage students and teachers to see themselves differently?

Speakers: Anya Kamenetz, Ihuoma Ihuekwumere, Paula Hooper, Melissa McCloud, Ernesto Rodriguez, Ryan Kurada.

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