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Balance Workshop

When 5 March 2022
Time 2:00 PM
Duration 1h

Tinker with balance by building moving balancing sculptures made from everyday things.

This free online workshop invites adults and children of all ages to tinker with balance and stability. Join us in exploring balance by playfully arranging everyday objects and ordinary materials in surprising ways to create a structure that balances on a point and moves when you poke it.
這個免費的在線研討會邀請成年人和所有的年齡段兒童來搗鼓平衡和穩定。 加入我們一起探索平衡,以令人驚訝的方式和有趣地排列日常物品和普通材料,創建一個在一點上就能保持平衡並在你戳它時可以移動的作品。

This workshop will be live-streamed so that you can build moving balancing sculptures from wherever you are.

To prepare, make sure you clear a surface to work on (the kitchen table or even the floor will do!) and gather materials to explore. In addition to tools like scissors and a hole punch, collect materials to use as a stable base, objects to explore, and connectors:

作準備,請確保您清理出一個可以工作的表面(廚房桌子甚至地板都可以!)並收集相關材料進行探索。 除了剪刀和打孔器之類的工具外,你還需要收集材料用作固定的基底探索的物品連接器

1. Stable base: Collect materials to use as a base for your sculpture. You can tape a pencil to a mug, put a pen in a jar of rice or sand, stick a pencil into a lemon that’s cut in half, or place a ball in a cup or tube to hold it steady.

1. 穩定的基底:收集材料用作為你雕塑品的底座。 你可以把鉛筆粘在杯子上,把筆放在一罐米或沙子裡,把鉛筆粘在切成兩半的檸檬裡,或者把一個球放在杯子或管子裡讓它保持穩定。

2. Objects to explore: Gather objects of different weights and shapes like forks, spoons, washers, feathers, pencils, leaves, and twigs.

2. 探索物品:收集不同重量和形狀的物品,如叉子、勺子、墊圈、羽毛、鉛筆、樹葉和樹枝。

3. Connectors: Collect materials you can use to make more complex sculptures like wire, tape, binder clips, corks, putty and clay, or buttons. Bring cardboard to turn into connector pieces.

3. 連接器:收集可用於製作更複雜造形的雕塑品材料,如電線、膠帶、活頁夾、軟木塞、泥膠和粘土或鈕扣。 或將紙板變成連接器。